Never having to “live with it”.

Spring green cabinet redo by Pretty Saro's Home So, I’ve been at it again. Repainting pieces that I’ve painted many times before. It’s not that I’m indecisive, it’s just that I really want everything I paint to be perfect, and the more inspiration I encounter, the higher my ideal of perfect goes! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
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Failure to Flip.

Dresser detail with dark wax - Pretty Saro's HomeOh my gosh, ya’ll, I almost forgot my WordPress password, that’s how long it’s been! I’ve been spread pretty thin since I began working full time, and not taking care of myself well enough to make sure I still have energy left for the things I WANT to do after doing all the things I HAVE to do. Pretty common problem for all of us, right? I’m working on it.
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Happy Presidents Day!

Matthew hatIn our house, this is a holiday we actually celebrate. We have to, because my son Matthew is a presidential historian. It started in Kindergarten, when he learned that the 16th president was on the penny and the first president was on the one dollar bill. From there he had to get them all organized by number in his head.
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A cabin-fever project.

2014-02-16 14.13.41In case you didn’t get online or turn on the TV this week, we got some snow in South Cackilackey! It’s not completely unheard of, but we’ll usually only get a light dusting once or twice a winter, and it’s gone the next day. The last time we got this much was 10 years ago. Snowmageddon! SnOMG!
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My very own whale.

2014-02-08 14.31.17You might think, looking around my living room, that I live near the ocean. I am in South Carolina, it’s true, but in reality the Atlantic Ocean is a good 4.5 hours away.
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The aircraft carrier.

2014-01-06 15.29.54My parents bought us this coffee table about five years ago, I think. Before then, we’d used Chip’s old wooden toy box as a placeholder for all of our various remotes. We dubbed the new table “the aircraft carrier”, because it was so much bigger than what we’d had before.
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Oh, the holiday mess. It’s a wrap.

photo (9)I love Christmas just as much as any normal person, honestly I do. But I hate that it now has to start on the day after Thanksgiving, and I hate that we have to be busy every night between then and December 25th. It’s gotten completely ridiculous, hasn’t it? You realize not 60 years ago, people waited until Christmas Eve to put up their trees? What the hell happened?

It’s okay, you don’t have to answer that. I know. I work in advertising. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.
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A Shamelessly copy of another painter’s genius.

2013-12-19 12.22.40I just noticed how badly I mangled that title. Oh well. Just another indication of what lack of sleep will do! Ya’ll know I love Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint. I’ve gotten a few of her new colors to try, but have been slow in catching up on things lately, with work and the holidays. But when I saw THIS dresser Marian painted in “Apron Strings”, I was smitten. Not just with the color, but with the dresser itself – I love Marian’s decorative painting, but have always been afraid to try it.
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Smalls – you’re killing me!

2013-12-01 14.27.07So in the world of home d├ęcor, “smalls” include the decorative items that you place around your home to give it character, yes? According to the lady who owns the store where I am a vendor, they also do VERY WELL at Christmastime. I’ve been trying so hard to get caught up on all this junk I’ve accrued, but lately it feels like I just hit my stride at about 8pm on Sunday nights. Christmas will be over before you know it and I will have missed the whole thing, from a vendor’s standpoint.
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My Moonshine cabinet.

DSC_9114Have you ever wondered if there was a piece of crap out there that I wouldn’t take on? This “piece” will answer that question: apparently not.

My dad has the coolest friends. One of them saw this primitive cabinet at the Habitat Restore, with a FREE tag on it. It had been found in the back of a barn, with bottles of questionable liquor in it. And some fishing gear. This friend of dad’s knows I paint, so he loaded it up and brought it over to my parents’ house. What a guy!
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